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Immortality Of Soul

IOS 2017 Event:


Event Terms:

This is special event from Immortality of Soul to DollSquare, available only on our store.

The heads of Infernale, Hiro and Mars in special, discounted prices have limited quantity.

You can buy in discounted prices:

Infernale head: x3 in 'Normal Skin',        Available: 3 in NS
Infernale head: x2 in 'White Skin'.          Avaialble: 2 in WS

Mars head: x7 in 'Normal Skin',             Available 7 in NS
Mars head: x3 in 'White Skin'.               Available 3 in NS

Hiro head: x6 in 'White Skin'.                Avaialble 6 in WS

* Hiro head in 'Normal Skin' is not available in discounted price.
* Any Order with Hiro head in 'Normal Skin' for special price will be canceled and refunded within 3 working days.

After the exhaustion of limit, heads of Infernale, Hiro and Mars will be available in discounted prices of their sizes to the end of event.

The quantity of these heads will be available on main IOS's bookmark on DollSquare.

Another Info:

* Shipping fee is not included in the total order value. Please remember about it.

* Estimated time of delivery from IOS Company for heads is 1 month without PREorder time. Please remember about it.
* Orders could have delays.

All information about PREORDERS & EVENTS will be updated here: http://dollsquare.com/pre-orders-time/ .

If You have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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