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General Terms


The Terms and Conditions of DollSquare are applicable on all deliveries made by us. By placing an order on our webpage, you agree with our terms and conditions.


DollSquare reserves right to change prices in shop without further notice, according to changes of companies agreements, rising of taxes and fees, or currency exchange.

We will not apply any changes in our prices on orders that have been placed already.


The total cost of delivery is included automatically at the end of customer order.


Customer / receiver is obliged to fill in a complete shipping details with address and name. Orders without these data will not be handled by DollSquare.

Order must be paid in full before delivering to customer / receiver. All items in DollSquare are pre ordered, and they will be made especially for customer / receiver.

In case of changing address during waiting time, customer / receiver is obligated to inform DollSquare before delivery will be placed.


DollSquare is not responsible for damaged or lost goods in packages, or envelopes.

If the ordered products are not avalible and/or delivery can not take place DollSquare will notify the customer / receiver through e-mail or phone upon wich the customer may cancel or change the order.


All items need to be ordered and shipped to DollSquare, before delivery to customer / receiver can be arranged. We cooperate with many companies, most of which is housed in Japan, Korea or China. Time for delivering depends also on quantity of items ordered by customers.

DollSquare is collecting orders from all our customers, and sending it to producer at the end of ordering period, which is every 30 days.

After receiving ordered items from producer and payment from customer, DollSquare is obligated to send it to customer / receiver within 3 working days.

All companies have various production times. There are many different factors affecting the speed of production and delivery. There may be rainy season in East Asia, and it may delays orders, due to the dolls sealant takes longer to set.

There is seasonal times that will affect delivery time. There are national holidays in the countries producing orders, when all factories will be closed and nothing will be worked on.

If you are interested in buying an item from our store, please bear these points in mind. Estimated time is minimum 60 to 120 days for delivery, this is something to be thought about before ordering. 

Status of Our orders from Us to customers:

'awaiting fullfilment' - order wait for 'comfrimed'

'pending' - payment was received for us, order was added to order's list from company. This status will be changed when we got package with dolls/accessories/parts/etc. from BJD companies to Us.

'awaiting shipment' - all is fine with order and the order is ready to shipment.

'shipped' - order was shipped to customer.

'completed' - order was received by customer.


If customer / receiver will receive an incorrect item in his order, he should inform us immediately. DollSquare will require return the incorrect item, and will send a correct one.

Item can be returned only if it have any defects or abnormalities. If a manufacturing defect is discovered, customer / receiver should contact with us within 3 days of receiving the doll with the specific details regarding the nature of the issue and include photo(s) of all the issues. If customer / receiver will modify item in any way, return will not be accepted, this includes make-up, wig changes or removal, or opening doll head.

DollSquare will refuse to take back any returns which were not reported upfront.

If a product is returned wich is damaged due to wrongful treatment, use or negligence of the customer / receiver by the judgement of DollSquare, or otherwise will be for the risk of the customer / receiver, DollSquare will notify the customer and deny the liability, after wich the product can be returned to the costumer only after paing the shipping costs again by customer / receiver.

DollSquare will not accept returns on any issues concerning staining or imperfections on or from the clothing on the dolls. In this case customer / receiver have right to contact with the manufacturer directly, if he have an issue with the clothing. If customer / receiver do not contact us within three days of receiving the doll it is understood by both the buyer and seller that the doll is acceptable and a return privilege is no longer available.

DollSquare will reimburse the return shipping charges (standard shipping only).

All pre order sales are final. If customer / receiver will change mind about a preorder we can offer store credit to replace the preorder with a different doll but we do not offer refunds.

All products are specially ordered and / or made to order for the customer / receiver as well as sale items and they can NOT be returned.


For all direct material damage of the product made for the customer / receiver which is directly connected to non-, late or not properly performed execution of the order, the liability for DollSquare is limited to the amount of the non-, late or not properly performed execution of the ordered product.

For all indirect damage wich includes delay in the normal way of business of DollSquare or in the execution of work or caused by a mistake made by DollSquare, the customer / receiver can never hold DollSquare liable for the damage caused by this.

DollSquare holds the right, if and only when possible to compensate material damage in any way we sees fit. The customer / receiver indemnificates DollSquare against al liabilities of third parties wich direct or indirectly, circumstantial or immediately are connected to the performance of the agreement.
DollSquare is never liable for ensuing damage.

Orders can only be placed by individuals of 18 years and above. If customer is younger, DollSquare will need a written consent of parent(s) or guardian(s) of customer before order will be accepted.