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Dollzone - Summer Event 2017 -

Hello Dears, today with the great pleasure we would like to present You new SUMMER EVENT from Dollzone Company.


 Event Time: 25.07.2017-31.08.2017

 General Terms:

 If You order 1 Ita or Seventeen - Fullset version, You will have a one from both event dolls in nude version in white skin only for extra 69 $.

 If Your order value achieves 550 $ (without shipping cost), You can get one free event doll in nude version as a 'GIFT' in White Skin (For the purple skin is 599$ without shipping).

 If Your order value achieves 850 $ (without shipping cost), You can get one free event doll in Fullset in White skin as a 'GIFT' (For the purple skin is 899 without shipping).

 Important info:

1) Please remember about delays.* 
2) Please write General Terms. 
3) We do not offer layway.
4) The coupon is not available on DollSquare.

* The estimated time of delivery without PREorder Time is 5-6 months. Please to be aware of that. DollSquare is not responsible for delays.

If You will have any questions, please contact with Us.

 - DollSquare.

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