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Hello Friends,

new dolls from Dollzone Company are available on DollSquare. 

Tomorow event from Dikadoll will be available and first part of dolls from Angel Studio.

Have a nice day,

- DollSqure.

Doll Chateau - Kitties Promotion

Hello Friends, Today we would like to present You a new event from Doll Chateau Company. Please see at beautifull Kitties <3~!You can get one of them only for 369 $ in fullset or two in 'Double Box' option only for 669. The Normal version is available too. More information: - click -Don't miss Your chance ! - DollSquare.

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New Three Events !

Hello today ! Spring, spring and spring ;)! In that occassion we would like to invite You to our new three fantastic events ! 1) Event from Dollzone Company with new Doll !More information here - click -2) Event with 15 % discount from Myoudoll Company !More information here: - click -3) Event with 10% discount from MisticKids Company [...]

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The Rain of Eyes on DollSquare !

The Rain of Eyes on DollSquare !Hello Friends, Today we would like to present our new offer from Jusuns Company. From Today we have more than 100 BJD glass eyes in sizes from 6-24 mm. 10-12 $ per pair <3 ~!Don't forget Your umbrella and join to Us today ;)! http://dollsquare.com/jusuns-dollswig/eyes/If You will have any [...]

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WITHDOLL is Available !

Hello !With the great pleasure we would like to inform You, that all dolls, heads, bodies and parts from 'WITHDOLL' are available on DollSquare <3 ~!!Please visit here: http://dollsquare.com/withdoll/Join to Us and make Your dreams come true ~!Wonderfull day !- DollSquare.

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'WITHDOLL' on DollSquare.

Hello Dear Friends today ;)!We would like to pesent a new company, which will be available on DollSquare soon. We are cooperating with .. 'WITHDOLL' <3 ~ !!First PREorder will be available in this month. Have a nice day, - DollSquare.

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Raccoon Doll on DollSquare.

Hello Friends ! Today we would like to show You a new Company on DollSquare: Raccoon Doll <3 ~! All dolls from Raccoon Doll are available in our shop. Join to Us Today ~!  Please visit here: http://dollsquare.com/raccondoll/

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Women's Day <3 ~!

Hi Dear Friends !Today is 08.03.2017 - Women's Day <3 ~ ! On this special day, I'd like to wish You all the best, may all Your dreams, both these little and the more important ones, come true.And remember - life without women wouldn't make much sense.Best wishes for all womens in the world <3 [...]

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IOS Special Event Discount only on DollSquare ! Safe 70-90 $ !

Hello Dear Friends ! We love the spring for every day. There's something new , that's come to stay. Spring is coming and is a time of life. Green is everywhere. Beautiful flowers and bushes alive again. Birds singing and the joy in the air. In that occassion we would like to invite You to our special event, prepared by [...]

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Myoudoll 2017 Winter Event: 15% Discount

Hello Friends ;)!Today we would like to invite You to new 2017 Winter Event from 'Myoudoll' with 15% discount on all dolls and bodies <3 ~!!.Please visit here: http://dollsquare.com/myou-doll/If You have any questions, please feel free to ask.- DollSquare.

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